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Water is one of the most precious resources, and it’s no different on a work site.

Water comes in handy in so many situations. You may need water to contain the spread of dust while working, or to compact soil before being attended to by a roller. Water is often needed to wash or flush a site, or as a back-up in case of a fire – especially in a rural setting. There are many ways that water can come in handy on a work site.

That’s why SimlaQuip has you covered, with a fleet of water carts that are nimble enough to reach almost any location. We can match the size of the water cart to the needs of your project.

Trust SimlaQuip for Equipment Hire

When you’re working in a location without its own water supply, you can count on SimlaQuip to provide for your liquid needs. We’ll provide a vehicle that fits your requirements, allowing you to carry on working without the stress of running out of water, risking any downtime, or compromising on safety.

When embarking on your next project, don’t forget the water! Contact SimalQuip to arrange a quote on the hire of a water cart or other civil and mining equipment.

Our Water Carts

Isuzu FYH Water Cart


20,000 litres

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Caterpillar 740GC Water Cart


32,000 litres

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If you’re looking for reliability and performance, let SimlaQuip help you complete your job on and time and on budget.

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